Cable Tower Attachment V2/PRO
Cable Tower Attachment V2/PRO
Cable Tower Attachment V2/PRO
Cable Tower Attachment V2/PRO
Cable Tower Attachment V2/PRO
Cable Tower Attachment V2/PRO

Cable Tower Attachment V2/PRO

Cable Tower Attachment V2/PRO

Cable Tower Attachment V2/PRO

Product Description

Cable Tower Attachment V2/PRO for Super Bench and Super Bench PRO
This device allows you to expand your Super Bench capabilities with an upper and lower pulley cable system all in a very small footprint. Not just a lat pull machine. The proprietary weight carriage will hold the Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells, Standard weight plates or Olympic style weight plates. Quick – no cable change design!

Cable Tower Attachment V2/PRO
Build your own lat machine system at home with the Cable Tower Attachment V2/PRO. You can use it with our cable tower seat or as an attachment to your bench. This attachment fits both versions of the Super Bench perfectly and allows you to add an upper and lower pulley cable system without taking up lots of gym space.

It also comes with a high grade lat pull down bar and a proprietary weight carrier that will hold your Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells as the weight source so you don't need to go out and buy additional weights! It also will work with standard weight plates, or Olympic weight plates.

More than a lat pull machine
This attachment is useful if you want to perform lateral pull downs, but it can also be used for several other exercises. It has a user-friendly design that allows you to quickly make high to low position adjustments so you can perform different movements, including:

Lateral pull downs
Triceps press downs
High pulley curls
High pulley cable pull
High pulley rows
Low pulley rows
Cable curls
Upright rows
Straight arm shoulder raises
Compared to other lateral and seated row machines on the market, the simple cable path on this attachment offers a much smoother pulling motion. This gives you uninterrupted, explosive cable-assisted exercises with weights of your choice without getting distracted by vibrations, noises, or worries that the cable might get stuck during your workout.

1:1 cable pulley ratio
While some trainers use a 2:1 ratio to achieve assistance from mechanical leverage, the Ironmaster Cable Tower pulley ratio is 1:1, meaning; the weight you add is the same weight you lift.

Generous 250 lb load rating
This heavy-duty attachment is suited for both beginners and experienced lifters. With a load rating of 250 lbs, even competitive trainers can use this attachment to achieve their optimal strength and performance.

Our Cable Tower Attachment is strong and stable, rated for 250lbs, making it suitable for just about any lifter. This machine includes weight carriage adapters that can hold up to this total weight in place.
If you're a novice lifter who wants to work on your strength and endurance gradually, simply set the minimum amount of weight that suits your fitness level and increase it over time.
To increase stress on your muscles, just load heavier Ironmaster dumbbells, standard weight plates, or Olympic plates on the weight carriage.
Easy to use and store
This attachment that allows you to create a powerful cable machine requires only a minimal amount of time and effort to set-up and use. It only takes three steps to connect it properly to your Super Bench/Super Bench PRO.

To set it up, position it in front of the bench or seat, slide it into the tube, and then lock it with the pull pin. Doing all these only takes a few seconds so you can start working out right away!
This attachment weighs only 70 lbs and includes wheels on the base frame so you can easily roll it towards the Super Bench or cable tower seat or tuck it away when not in use.
We recommend using a plain silicone spray lubricant with no oils or solvents to ensure smooth weight carriage action.
Space-saving attachment
Home gyms or fitness studios with limited spaces are no match against the compact size of this fully functional attachment.

This machine is designed to fit small garages or fitness studios perfectly with its 19" wide x 22" long x 86" high measurements.
Despite its compact size, it is still tall and wide enough to offer you an excellent range of motion.
With the Super Bench connected, the length reaches up to 62" overall.
Standard plate holders on the carriage are 7" long and the included Olympic adapters are 9" long so you can load up plenty of plates - even bumpers.
Note: The Cable Tower Attachment V2/PRO must be attached to the Ironmaster Super Bench, Super Bench PRO, or Cable Tower Seat for you to be able to use it. This set only includes the main frame, upper and lower pulley cables, Olympic sleeve adapters, Quick-Lock adjustable dumbbell adapter, 48" lat pull bar with swivel and extension chain, and lat pull hold down pads. Super Bench, Quick-Lock adjustable dumbbells, and Preacher Curl Pad with Dockable Curl Support arm are sold separately. Our current stock includes an updated universal bench connector to fit our Super Bench PRO. (If you have an older Cable Tower and want to order the updated new universal bench connector to fit the Super Bench PRO, you can order that part here.)

You may want to order some additional cable handles to perform certain exercises. The cable tower is heavy duty and rated for 250 lbs. Two wheels on the base frame let you easily roll it up the bench or out of the way when not in use. Connects to the Super Bench like the other attachments with just one simple pull pin in a matter of seconds. Includes Quick-Lock Dumbbell and Fixed Weight Dumbbell adapter for weight carriage. Also will hold Olympic weight plates with the included Olympic adapters or Standard 1" hole weight plates.

*Silicone spray lubricant will be needed for smooth weight carriage action* We recommend adding a can of SILICONE SPRAY to your order. You can also buy some at a local hardware store but be sure to use plain silicone without any oils or additives like Teflon.

Photo of Cable Tower with the Super Bench PRO and Super Bench below for demo purposes only. Benches and weights sold separately.


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