About Us

Our vision

That FEO (Fitness Equipment of Ottawa and Fitness l’Entrepôt Outaouais) be THE reference when it comes to Fitness, on all its sale and service territory. FEO also strives to be recognized as a respected and responsible enterprise, involved in the development of healthy lifestyle habits in its community. May FEO acronyms be synonymous of trust and expertise in the Field of Fitness

Our mission

FEO (Fitness Equipment of Ottawa and Fitness l’Entrepôt Outaouais) wants to assist you in your commitment to being physically and mentally healthy; whether it is via our expert advices or when purchasing specialised products. 

Our pride resides in you, attaining your objectives; maintaining a healthy lifestyle, getting in shape, or even if you are a high level athlete, you can count on us.

FEO pledges to always offer you state of the art products, as well as the best there is in the Fitness Field. Further more, our FEO Team promotes an approach that is client centered and where service (pre and after sale) separates us from our competition. 

What drives us

  • Our client’s satisfaction
  • Our passion for Fitness
  • The desire to grow as a team
  • The challenge to be THE reference in our industry

How we make it happen

  • Our client needs are at the centre of our actions
  • A stimulating and amicable work climate
  • Roles and responsibilities clearly defined
  • Results oriented Team Work
  • A proactive and responsible attitude
  • A rigorous and disciplined environment
  • A daily quest for efficiency and simplicity in our operations

Our Team

We want to create a culture where people feel empowered. We do this by listening and providing feedback, encouraging innovation from employees with new ideas or perspectives on old problems—and recognizing everyone's contribution in making our company successful!

Residential Division

François Ménard

Commercial Division

Denis Piché


Our Amazing Staff